Surfing on Alex with the GoPro Fusion!

I had the chance to Test the GoPro Fusion. It is a 360 degree Camera. What you can do with the Footage in Premiere or other editing software, is the whole trick of these 360 Cameras. It ads this floating look to your footage, as a Drone would fly around you. The Camera is mounted on a little stick whih gets invisable while filming. You can see it only at my shadow. But watch yourself. 🙂

Maymia RZ67 to Nikon adapter

I Found an adapter for my old Glass of the Mamyia RZ67 so stay tuned for a test when it arrives.
As the Mamyia RZ Lenses are the best Lenses i have ever used, I`m looking forward to mount them on my Nikon D810.

Fotodiox Mamyia RZ/RB to F mount Adapter.